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“With the Community, For the Community”



Ninedays Photography & Camera is proud to engage again the “Love + Hope Sweaters Fundraising” by sending warmth and joy to the needy on the eve of Christmas. In this festival season, we and other leading sponsors from EGL tours and Swish Club Thai Boxing visited two underprivileged families of subdivided units.

“Love + Hope Sweaters Fundraising”is a program initiated by Love + Hope (L plus H), a community interest company created for the community and with the community. This campaign is now running for second year and has achieved huge success last winter.


Mr. Suen is a single elderly that needs desperate care. Unemployed and living entirely on his own with no relative supports, the 56 years old can only rely on food assistance from church / charity. He spends most of his time in his subdivided unit of 30 feet with limited ventilation. It is only possible for him to get some fresh air in the nearby shopping mall.

On the day of visit the thrilled Mr. Suen welcomed us outside his flat. We chatted and helped him to put on the sweater and scarf we brought him. Each of us was touched by this graceful act of give and take.


Next we visited a newly arrival family whose breadwinning father resides in Mainland China. The mother devotes all her times to take care of her two kids supported by very little domestic allowance. It has been three years since the mother moved to Hong Kong, yet she has not felt totally at ease and found it hard to adjust the urban life, who she described helpless and being alienated. She was lonely and so as her fourteen years old son, who refused to speak to us and preferred to staying in bed.

The mother was deeply moved by this charitable work of L plus H. She treasured very much the love and care of the locals through the Made-in-Hong Kong sweater. The sharing of warm keeping clothing goes far beyond material or money support which touches the mother’s heart.


“Love + Hope Sweaters Fundraising”is not just another charitable campaign – it achieves multiple win-win situation. The cost of sweaters is shared by yarn mills’raw material donations, well-crafted knitting responsible by L plus H and the rest covered by sponsorships. Grass roots organizations is helping us to give out sweaters to families living in sub-standard living condition.

All in all, this program involves the participation of many stakeholders in the industry who jointly achieved remarkable results. On behalf of Ninedays Photography, we want to express our gratitude towards this golden opportunity to practice our belief “With the Community, For the Community”.

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