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Valbray: Open The Heart while Aperture Blades Rotate


It is an extremely fascinating and interesting idea to integrate the concept of aperture in camera with the design of watches. Valbray is a Swiss watch brand established in 2009, introducing surprisingly new and special concepts and creating a new page in watch history. The Valbray watches also become really representable gift for Leica’s 100th year commemoration.


Mr. Valbray has a great passion for photography and engineering. He amazingly applied the concept of aperture, one of the important elements in photography, to the design of watch. The patented Oculus System was born and it gives a watch an innovative and unique feature. With conscientious and meticulous craftsmanship, the 16 ultra-thin blades (0.05mm) are pieced together without space, dust and scratch. It underwent triple antifriction coating treatments to make sure the blades can move on each other smoothly. The whole system consists of over 80 components. All of these show that Valbray put in a lot of effort to ensure the preciseness in watch making. Through rotating bezel, the blades can be opened, half-opened or closed, which reveals, half-reveals or covers the dial. Each watch will not lose its attractiveness as one single watch consists of several images.