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9maiali 從 2009 年成立至今已經 7 個年頭,從成立伊始,專注全新/中古 Panerai 腕錶的收藏及銷售,一直是國際業界翹楚。
Starting business in 2009, 9maiali is one of the most famous dealers of global Panerai watches. And we also distributing Ennebi watches, Mario Paci straps and Horus straps. Over the years, 9maiali trades both new and pre-owned watches with professional knowledge and services, so it gains top reputation among collectors.
Following P-Series and M-Series, SevenFriday has recently launched a new series of watches, the V-Series. It was born differently and creatively with new look and new technology, adopting a new way to present“industrial essence”, “industrial revolution” and “industrial engines”.
SevenFriday has recently released the new M2/2 with the same structure as the previous M series. What distinguishes it from them are the new design inspiration on industrial revolution machine parts made from copper and cast iron, and the new dazzling rose gold watch body.
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