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Mario Paci
The Mario Paci Special Edition Olterra Legendary Vintage strap was especially attractive for its significant marine history of Italian Navy, as it is named after a ship “Olterra” which participated in one of the Italian navy mission.
The strap with the grain of sharkskin is a top favourite. Mostly in dark colours, this time the Pre-V by Sand Shark in yellowish gold colour is lighter and in many ways more unique and energetic. The extremely thin Sand Shark (3.1mm in thickness) is hailed from Cuoiere Meccaniche Brelli of Castelfiorentino, Florence, Italy
To many faithful Paneristi, the appreciation of Panerai can be extended far more than a watch. In fact, the prestigious brand from Florence, Italy, existed more than 150 years contributed to endless pages of stories and folklores.
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