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Panerai PAM 80 Radiomir Independent 18k White Gold 42mm


The Old Wisdom

Silently and quickly, time goes by. From hourglass to mechanical clock, the major driving force of the giant civilization leap comes from the desire for time accuracy. With the precise mechanism, time is allowed to walk in a visible regular rhythm. Panerai values time, and that’s the reason why they can make excellent timepieces. With Panerai on your waist, you at the same time own the old great wisdom.

Distinguished from other Panerai watches, PAM80 features dead-beat second. The idea of the mechanism comes from the ancient clock – pendulum swings with the force of gravity, while the watch’s balance wheel is controlled by the elastic energy of the hairspring, making it move forward at a steady rate. The kinetic power of the balance wheel, which is generated by rotation, would be reserved in the device between the drive wheel and the second wheel and then be transmitted to the second wheel in the impulse mode in unit of second. On the other hand, the escapement would release the tooth of the gear until the opposite arm locks it in short time – this can avoid the moving speed being affected by the energy difference and allow the generation of a same impulsive power. Ticking once per a second, the timepiece’s hand would jump forward steadily and this is what dead-beat second features.

The power reserve is usually given by spring barrels solely and hence contains inaccuracy. In view of this, the escapement of PAM80 is specially designed. The movement consists of two linked single escapements with a shared balance wheel. The new era of absolute precision in timekeeping is here to begin.



PAM80 adopts Glucydur balance with a frequency of 2.5Hz to balance accuracy and durability. Solid and stable, it is made of new alloy with a low degree of thermal expansion, producing 18,000 alternations per hour. Timing accuracy to 1/5 seconds is well achieved. In the balance wheel, a precise laser cut is made in the underside of the rim, where the impulse pin, with adjustable weight of screw, is fixed in parallel to the balance arm, while the counterweight is set on the balance arm and the inner side of the rim, displaying its exquisite simplicity.

The elasticity of the hairspring is very crucial to the regular movement of the balance wheel. A good hairspring must maintain stable elasticity without immune to temperature effects and magnetic force. Nivarox, the hairspring adopted by PAM80, is made of an anti-magnetic and non-corrosive alloy which can effectively prevent fracture with automatically compensation. Minimizing the error, the excellent timekeeping performance can be maintained.



To be compatible with the dead-beat mechanism, the hand-wound Chezard 7400 movement is carefully selected for PAM80. Chezard is the greatest dead-beat movement producer of the century. Despite its closure in 1960s, its movements are still regarded as the best ones till today. The 11½ movement adopted by PAM80 is Chezard’s production before closure, showing the timeless excellence, as well as the historical charms.

Under the magnifier of the sapphire crystal caseback, the delicate mechanism of PAM80 is displayed. You can appreciate the great demonstration of the moving balance wheel, hairspring, as well as the gear chain. Through the complexity, the beauty of timepiece is unreservedly exhibited.



Apart from the inner beauty, PAM80 is elegant in appearance. Dignified and noble, the polished white gold case is in a classic cushion shape with the diameter of 42mm, while the royal blue dial is perfectly matched with brown crocodile strap with the signature engraved on the clasp.

PAM80 is made in 2001 with a limited production of 160 pieces. As a highly collectible item, each piece carries an individual serial number with a certificate. This is a masterpiece of wisdom made once in a blue moon. To avoid having regrets, please do not miss this valuable chance!