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Panerai PAM 784 Special Set – PAM399 & PAM398


Panerai PAM 784 Special Set – PAM399 & PAM398 : The Best Old Time


*Special thanks to our customer for lending us PAM 399 & PAM 398 for photo taking and appreciation.


The old time is probably the best time for many people. The old-world charm is revealed by the trace of time, as well as the theory of survival-of-the-fittest – only the best could be retained and live on forever. Panerai is one of the best retainers. Being the great artist of watch-making since 1860, its WWII-era designs are the classic of classic.



Panerai is known for its Radiomir and Luminor cases. To salute to its golden age, Panerai has been dedicating for vintage timepieces since 2002. The old popular cases are reissued with advance in-house movement which has won numerous hearts of Paneristis.



PAM399 & PAM398 are the art pieces of the marvelous vintage series inspired by the classical Radiomir (Panerai 6152 and 6154) made in 1940s, the time when the World War II came to the end. The design of Radiomir cases had not yet been finalized that time, which made it slightly similar to Luminor cases. The wire lugs of the first Radiomir (Panerai 3646) are the connectors of the strap and the case. However, in response to the suggestion of Italian Navy, the distinctive design has been improved to make the lug stronger and more solid. On the modified Radiomir, the lugs are attached to the steel and the two objects are actually carved out of the same block of metal. PAM399 and PAM398, the vintage timepieces, by no doubt inherit this tough design.


PAM399 &PAM398 demonstrate the perfect combination of the latest technology and old elegant design by retaining the typical cushion shape, classic size of47mmin diameter, and a crown similar to the old rolex model with “OP”, the logo of Panerai. The two special edition watches are protected by Plexiglas crystal and inherit the renowned sandwich construction of dial that the luminous material is painted onto the lower layer and shown clearly through the upper hollow layer. Engraved in old beautiful font, “Radiomir Panerai” on the dial consists with the sense of timeless of the historical inspiration.



The movements of PAM399 & PAM398 are finished by Minerva, the great master of movement with long rich history inSwitzerland. With a diameter of 16¾ lignes, the OPXVII hand-wound mechanical movement is on a Minerva base and covered with the refined sapphire crystal, which allow you to appreciate the high-quality mechanism through centre of the caseback. Swan’s neck regulator and KIF Parechoc anti-shock device are also offered, making the historic-inspired Radiomir model become the best of the best.




You can distinguish the two great timepieces by the different materials of the case and different dial colour. PAM398 is in red gold with brown dial, while PAM399 is in polished stainless steel with black dial. Among them, the red gold on PAM398 is 5NPt with a quantity of platinum of 0.4% which adds classical elegance to the watch.


PAM399 &PAM398 are very scarce with limited production of 100 pieces each worldwide. Panerai has reserved No. 1 to 50 of each gold and steel watch to be matched as the special set PAM784. The exclusive box would be solely sold at Panerai boutiques.

The perfect match of masterpieces not only reveals the glorious history of Panerai, but also become a highly collectable vintage item. Paneristis, it’s your action time.