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Introducing the Original Kodiak Waterproof Blue Strap!



A Panerai in blue strap and a boat trip in sunny weather make a perfect couple – the all-weather Original Kodiak Waterproof Blue strap will be much adored by many paneristi. Thanks to the “Original Kodiak” treatment applied to this bright blue coloured strap, it allows allows leather to retain good condition even submersed into sea water for 24 consecutive hours. Two Pre-V buckles (either silver or PVD black) are up to selection for this waterproof strap. You can buy the strap here

Many years ago the Cuoiere Meccaniche Brelli demonstrated its skills to make durable and waterproof leather straps, eventually winning the trust of Panerai, by then official supplier of watches and precision instruments to the Italian Navy. This technique, later patented “Original Kodiak”, helped MP to make a name of itself.