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The trendy Horus camouflage rubber straps are perfect match for vintage Panerai watches, enhancing the attractiveness and uniqueness.
Following P-Series and M-Series, SevenFriday has recently launched a new series of watches, the V-Series. It was born differently and creatively with new look and new technology, adopting a new way to present“industrial essence”, “industrial revolution” and “industrial engines”.
SevenFriday has recently released the new M2/2 with the same structure as the previous M series. What distinguishes it from them are the new design inspiration on industrial revolution machine parts made from copper and cast iron, and the new dazzling rose gold watch body.
The Mario Paci Special Edition Olterra Legendary Vintage strap was especially attractive for its significant marine history of Italian Navy, as it is named after a ship “Olterra” which participated in one of the Italian navy mission.
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