Panerai PAM 532 Radiomir 1940 3-days SE
Panerai PAM 532 Radiomir 1940 3-days "Paneristi Forever" Black DLC 47mm, SE 500 pc
Panerai PAM 390 Luminor Base 44mm, SE 2000 pc
Panerai PAM 390 Luminor Base 44mm, SE 2000 pc
【.Ennebi Oriuolo – ref. 9665.】
Ennebi Oriuolo – ref. 9665
Panerai PAM 285 Luminor Submersible 2500m Titanium 1950 47mm, SE 250 pc
Panerai PAM 285 Luminor Submersible 2500m Titanium 1950 47mm, SE 250 pc
Rolex Milgauss Green Crystal 116400GV, customized PVD Black
Rolex Milgauss Green Crystal 116400GV, customized PVD Black
Mario Paci Special Edition Grey Distressed
Mario Paci Special Edition Grey Distressed
Panerai PAM 716 Mare Nostrum Acciaio 42mm
Panerai PAM 716 Mare Nostrum Acciaio 42mm
Panerai PAM 786 Luminor 8 Days Set Limited Edition
Panerai PAM 786 Luminor 8 Days Set Limited Edition
Rolex Daytona Ref.116520 39mm, PVD black coated & Ceramic Dial
Rolex Daytona Ref.116520 39mm, PVD black coated & Ceramic Dial
Panerai PAM 671 Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Automatic Bronzo 47mm Watch
Panerai PAM 671 Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Automatic Bronzo 47mm Watch
Panerai PAM 690 Radiomir 1940 3 Days Acciaio 47mm Watch
PAM 690 Radiomir 1940
最美的 ENNEBI:Ennebi Fondale Orlandini Ref.9670 Titanium 1000m 47mm
創辦人 Alessandro Bettarini 是1997年 Panerai 被收購前的首席腕錶設計師,1980年代的 Panerai Mille Metri 首只1000m防水軍用錶就是出自他的手筆,當時他開創了應用 brass 去製作,此亦是後來的 PAM 382 及 PAM 507 青銅的原點!
《MARIO PACI 之頂點 • Shell Cordovan馬臀皮革錶帶》
採用 Shell Cordovan 馬臀皮革打造的 MARIO PACI 錶帶,定必令熱愛皮革的 Paneristi 愛不釋手!配上 eye-catching stitching,為經典添上時尚色彩,打破沈悶的框框。
《 PANERAI Radiomir California:1936-2016 》
從 1936 年二戰期間,第一支意大利海軍蛙人小隊專用,執行特別水底任務的潛水錶 — 現在普遍叫作 PANERAI RADIOMIR
全新中古Panerai • 9maiali 委託寄賣平台 • 最好之選
9maiali 從 2009 年成立至今已經 7 個年頭,從成立伊始,專注全新/中古 Panerai 腕錶的收藏及銷售,一直是國際業界翹楚。
『 關於 9Maiali - About 9Maiali 』
Starting business in 2009, 9maiali is one of the most famous dealers of global Panerai watches. And we also distributing Ennebi watches, Mario Paci straps and Horus straps. Over the years, 9maiali trades both new and pre-owned watches with professional knowledge and services, so it gains top reputation among collectors.
— Only Chance Ever to Get MP Strap in Big Bargain —
CREDO Customized PAM590 CLC in Sage, Limited 35 pcs
CREDO is a watch customized project presented by 9Maiali, an International famous Panerai expertise founded 2009 in HongKong.
Toscana Vintage Cordovan Strap
This is a very soft cordovan as compared to a Shell Cordovan. The process of this leather from a well known Tuscan tannery makes this leather feel comparable with calf skin but with the durability of Cordovan. A great look for a vintage strap that can totally change the way your oversize watch shows.
GPF 2/56 Big Egiziano, the Real Military Panerai
Panerai Vintage Pieces (refer to Panerai watches made between the years of 1930-1956, not yet open to the civilian market) are embraced by Paneristi.
Panerai PAM 375
Newly arrived Panerai PAM375 Composite 1950, give the legend PAM127 1950 new brown body & in-house 3-days movement, limited to 2000 pcs.
9maiali/Heavy-Weather is the authorized exclusive distributor of HORUS camouflage rubber straps
The USA brand HORUS camouflage rubber straps are very popular and they was sold out quickly! 9maiali/Heavy-Weather is the authorized exclusive distributor of HORUS camouflage rubber straps in Greater China Region (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau).
Mario Paci Special Edition • Distressed Calf Leather Strap
The production of special distressed calf leather undergoes multiple steps, being deeply destroyed to make the surface fluffy like fawn leather. The uneven colour makes it old and vintage. MP Distressed straps have been the bestseller. They are perfect matches for Panerai watches designed in the 30s and 40s. Classic should be vintage!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Shop Opening Hours during Christmas & New Year: + SPINGLE MOVE & heavy-weather (Windsor House) opened everyday as usual and extended opening hours to 11:30am - 9:30pm + 9days, 9maiali and heavy-weather (TST headquarter) opened as usual but closed on 25th Dec 2015 and 1st Jan 2016
Horus Camouflage Rubber Straps as Trendy Match for Panerai
The trendy Horus camouflage rubber straps are perfect match for vintage Panerai watches, enhancing the attractiveness and uniqueness.
New Watch Series Release: SevenFriday V-Series
Following P-Series and M-Series, SevenFriday has recently launched a new series of watches, the V-Series. It was born differently and creatively with new look and new technology, adopting a new way to present“industrial essence”, “industrial revolution” and “industrial engines”.
New Watch Release: SevenFriday M2/2 Rose Gold
SevenFriday has recently released the new M2/2 with the same structure as the previous M series. What distinguishes it from them are the new design inspiration on industrial revolution machine parts made from copper and cast iron, and the new dazzling rose gold watch body.
The Mario Paci Special Edition Olterra Legendary Vintage strap
The Mario Paci Special Edition Olterra Legendary Vintage strap was especially attractive for its significant marine history of Italian Navy, as it is named after a ship “Olterra” which participated in one of the Italian navy mission.
VALBRAY Oculus Minotaurus being the “MUST HAVE” Watch on MANIFESTO Magazine
VALBRAY Oculus Minotaurus is being the “MUST HAVE” watch as editor’s choice on MANIFESTO Magazine (May-June 2015).
Wish You A Blessed Easter!
We all at 9days & 9maiali wish you a Blessed Easter. We will close for the Easter Holiday on Friday 3rd April and reopen on Wednesday 8th April.
The Ultimate RUBBER B Rubber Strap - A Perfect Match for Rolex & Panerai
9maiali has become the official retailer of legendary RUBBER B Swiss-made rubber strap. Apart from Mario Paci leather straps, 9maiali then provides Rolex and Panerai lovers a new choice of exquisite rubber straps.
Heavy-Weather Fashion MongKok Boutique 28th November Grand Opening
It is our pleasure to announce the grand opening of our new Heavy-Weather Fashion store in MongKok at 28th November 2014, providing a brand new fashion and lifestyle attitude to metropolitan people with progressive heart.
The latest SevenFriday P3/BB 350 pieces Special Limited Edition
SevenFriday has recently launched the latest P3/BB (Big Block) 350 pieces special limited edition, with extremely strong and attractive red and black colour combination. The idea of design is inspired by popular American-made muscle car in the 60s, more particularly the Dodge Challenger 69.
Inspired by a documentary My Voice, My Life and a musical Against The Wind
People in the society may think that it is impossible for the students in the underprivileged schools to be successful, or it is unbelievable for the misbehaving teenagers to have a complete change. Someone may even think that the blinds have lost their life since the day they lost their sight.
The Grand Launch of the latest SevenFriday P3/03
It no longer has to wait that SevenFriday’s latest P3/03 model has recently been launched. The design of P3/03 was inspired by heavy machine once again, demonstrating rich mechanical elements of snow groomer and charming mood of winter.
SevenFriday M2 has also arrived at 9maiali – Especially Charming Collection
Following M1, SevenFriday M2 is at 9maiali store now. M1 and M2 are of the same mechanical structure but completely different styles.
Vintage VDB New German Watch Brand – 2014 Latest Unique Style Leads the Trend
Vintage VDB walks in front of the trend and launches an extremely special 2014 watch series which breaks the traditional watch design.
The latest SevenFriday M1 watch has already arrived at 9maiali – No reason to miss it
To continue demonstrating its mechanical and industrial ideas, SevenFriday has elegantly released the latest M series watches in June, 2014. Consisting of a new trendy appearance different from the P series, the watches illustrate stronger mechanical power.
New TC 'Prato' Canvas Straps – The Style of Military
Most of the Mario Paci straps are made of leathers, such as leathers of calf, crocodile, snake and ostrich. If you want to try a new special style of straps for your Panerai watches, the newly produced TC “Prato” Canvas straps are perfect choices.
New Mario Paci Officine Firenze / Kodiak Straps – The Attraction of Colours
Continuing the craftsmanship of original Panerai straps in classical Pre-Vendome period, Mario Paci has produced lots of straps of varied styles, materials and colours for Panerai watch lovers. The latest MP Officine Firenze / Kodiak straps carry out revolution on colour and material, increasing the choices of and adding a fashionable style to MP straps.
SevenFriday 2014 World Tour-Hong Kong Flash Party
SevenFriday 2014 World Tour-Hong Kong Flash Party
Panerai Radiomir 1940 3 Days – 47mm
Panerai born with unique marine history of Royal Italian Navy, fascinating design and exquisite craftsmanship has attracted many enthusiasts all around the world. Many Paneristis, passionate and loyal supporters of Panerai, have started to gather on the Internet since year 2000 to share and express their knowledge and love about Panerai watches.
You made it possible, thank you
SevenFriday’s New Colour Watches ─ Energetic & Attractive
SevenFriday offers three colours for the newly launched models, which are orange (P1/3), blue (P1/4) and green (P1/5). Each colour illustrates specific industrial machine style, giving completely different experience and feeling.
Born with classical mechanical element and surprisingly new modern design, the new Swiss watch brand SEVENFRIDAY founded by Daniel Niederer has made an elegant launch in 12th July 2012. Throughout the year, SEVENFRIDAY has caught much attention in the global watch industry. Continuing this trend, from now on, 9maiali is being authorized dealer of SEVENFRIDAY in Hong Kong.
The Latest SevenFriday Model P2/2 – Classic & Elegant
Continuing the “industrial revolution” of P2, SevenFriday’s newest model P2/2 “works” has made a classic and golden launch in 25th September 2013.
New Opening Hours
Due to company future development, we concern that our staff has liberal working terms: better staff working terms, higher quality customer services.
Grade Panerai Collector Bible: ‘Panerai Una Storia Italiana”
“Panerai Una Storia Italiana” in English is “Panerai Italian history.”
Rex Tso will cement one of the top 20 Super Flyweigh boxers to defend WBC Asia belt.
Panerai PAM 80 Radiomir Independent 18k White Gold 42mm
Silently and quickly, time goes by. From hourglass to mechanical clock, the major driving force of the giant civilization leap comes from the desire for time accuracy. With the precise mechanism, time is allowed to walk in a visible regular rhythm.
Panerai PAM 784 Special Set – PAM399 & PAM398
The old time is probably the best time for many people. The old-world charm is revealed by the trace of time, as well as the theory of survival-of-the-fittest – only the best could be retained and live on forever.
“With the Community, For the Community”
Ninedays Photography & Camera is proud to engage again the “Love + Hope Sweaters Fundraising” by sending warmth and joy to the needy on the eve of Christmas.
Panerai Holy Grail – Ref. 3646 Type C
The Panerai with Reference No. 3646 are among the most collectible, military watches that survived genuine warfare.
Introducing the Original Kodiak Waterproof Blue Strap!
A Panerai in blue strap and a boat trip in sunny weather make a perfect couple – the all-weather Original Kodiak Waterproof Blue strap will be much adored by many paneristi.
Introducing the MP Pre-V by Sand Shark!
The strap with the grain of sharkskin is a top favourite. Mostly in dark colours, this time the Pre-V by Sand Shark in yellowish gold colour is lighter and in many ways more unique and energetic. The extremely thin Sand Shark (3.1mm in thickness) is hailed from Cuoiere Meccaniche Brelli of Castelfiorentino, Florence, Italy
PAM 36 and Marina Militare – One of the most prestigious collection
Panerai watches with “Marina Militare” (MM, the Italian Navy) on dials are considered “super rare” items – What make them so special and also, incredibly expensive?
S.L.C. “Maiale” Model – limited edition of 99!!!
In 1935, an Italian lieutenant conceived the SLC “Maiale” also known as Il Maiale, the Pig or SLC (Siluri a Lenta Corsa, meaning of Slow Speed Torpedo). During World War II, well-trained Gamma Group together with this secret navel weapon SLC “Maiale” damaged up to 16 naval vessels for a gross tonnage of approximately 200,000 to reverse Italy’s battle disadvantage.
A fully illustrated book for all Paneristi
To many faithful Paneristi, the appreciation of Panerai can be extended far more than a watch. In fact, the prestigious brand from Florence, Italy, existed more than 150 years contributed to endless pages of stories and folklores.
New Pre-V Leather Strap Series by Mario Paci
Experience Every Details of Original PreV Style by Inherited Family Craftsmanship
During the World War II (from 1939 to 1945), Panerai was still the official supplier of military instruments to the Royal Italian Navy. On the request of the Italian Navy, Panerai developed underwater instruments like watches and chronographs for navy missions.
PAM 352 with Mario Paci XVI Nubuck Kodiak in Brown
PAM 352 plus Mario Paci XVI Nubuck Kodiak in Brown strap. Both of them are water resistant, together with the maiali, perfect match for diving!
Warmth in the cold
This winter is the 45th coldest winter in Hong Kong since 1885. A Hong Kong local brand, LplusH initiated a meaningful activity called Along with Community, gathered a group of generous donors include Ninedays Photography Limited and 9 Maiali Watches Ltd
Lunar New Year Holiday Store Close Notice
Panerai Radiomir 3 Days Platino (PAM 373)
Although most timepieces from the major Italian watch brand tend to be rather all-alike-style, the new Panerai Radiomir 3 Days Platino (PAM 373) manual-wind watch stands out from the crowd with its rather unusual dial layout.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
When Olterra meet PAM 372
What is the chemical reaction when Mario Paci meet the PAM 372?
Panerai PAM 268 Radiomir 8-Days GMT 45mm
In a Wall Street Journal opinion piece, the U.S. Republican presidential nominee pointed to recent developments in Syria, Libya and Egypt as well as uncertainty over Israel and Iran and called for “a new strategy toward the Middle East,” although he offered no new details about his proposed plans.
Introducing Officier de Marine 47mm, handmade in Switzerland by the master watchmakers of Montres-Militaire at Baar.
Tired of expecting our anniversary mega sales? We are bringing a good news to all of our precious customers. Starting from 3rd January 2011, we will unveil a brand new reward system–9MAIALI REWARD CARD
Our First business day on to the year of rabbit will be 10th Feb 2011.
New in 2011 in terms of materials is the introduction of bronze, a material which immediately evokes the world of the sea with which Officine Panerai is historically associated.
I love my Panerai Radiomir PAM 309 Titanium so much, but cannot find really find the most suitable strap to bring out the golden hand and golden railway
After few months waiting, the new designed Mario Paci “Olterra” strap arrived finally…
9 Maiali Watches Ltd, a Hong Kong based watch store serving PANERAI collectors, will be moved into a much bigger shop starting from 9th September, 2011.
Panerai PAM 363 Buenos Aires Luminor Daylight Chronograph PVD
PAM 363 has the PVD/DLC black coating on the stainless steel case and bezel just like the PAM 332 (from Stallone & Jason Statham’s movie, The Expendables), but this is a 44mm standard Daylight Chronograph and features special blue hands just like on the Regatta Special Editions.