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Our Passion

Starting business in 2009, 9maiali is one of the most globally famous dealers of Panerai watches, Ennebi watches and Mario Paci straps. Over the years, 9maiali trades both new and pre-owned watches with professional knowledge and services, so it gains top reputation among collectors.


Panerai was the exclusive supplier of measuring instruments to the Royal Italian Navy in the 19th century. Being worn by navy who risked their life at sea, Panerai watches carry unique military background with their technical excellence and exquisite craftsmanship creating a fascination for every Panerai enthusiast, like 9maiali and you. In 1990s, the outstanding military supplier finally stepped into the fine watchmaking market with their unfailing authentic principles.


As the expert and collector of Panerai watches, we possess professional knowledge of this legendary brand. Precise, artful and timeless are the best description of our collection. With our great passion for Panerai watches, we are sincerely willing to share with you our opinions and thoughts towards Panerai watches. If you are searching for a special Panerai watch, don’t hesitate to come to 9maiali as you would never get disappointed.


The trend of Panerai watch is prevailing. The relationship between Panerai and its strap is inseparable. 9maiali provides Mario Paci straps made of different types of leather and different colours for Panerai watches. By changing straps, your Panerai watches would add a touch of style to different occasions to demonstrate your modern taste.

Sole Distributor

9maiali is the brand distributor or official dealer of several watch and strap brands:


Heavy-Weather MADE (watch straps) – Exclusive

- HORWEEN Genuine Shell Cordovan, Chicago USA.
- Handmade by Japanese craftsman
- Original and Unique Design 

Mario Paci (MP) Straps – Asia distributor

Mario Paci

Original Kodiak® Waterproof Straps

Giovanni E Figli® Straps

TC Straps

Rubber B Straps – Offical Dealer


Ennebi (NB) – Hong Kong, China distributor


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9maiali Watches & Straps



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Hong Kong.


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